Free Wildflower seeds 2015 autumn special offer

free wildflower seeds 2015
Yellow Rattle Seeds

September and October is the perfect time for sowing Yellow Rattle seeds. This popular and attractive meadow plant can help control grass growth next season. This October, to enable our customers to test the benefits of this great little wild flower, we will be dispatching 5 grams of free 2015 harvested Yellow Rattle seeds for all orders received with a total value of £10 or more (excluding postage). Read more

Ordering Spring Wildflower bulbs

Spring wildflower bulbs
English Bluebell

We are currently taking orders for  Spring Wildflower Bulbs and can offer the following species for dispatch between mid and late October:
Bluebell, Snowdrop, Wild Daffodil, Wood Anemone, Winter Aconite, Wild Tulip, Star of Bethlehem, Snakeshead Fritillary, Wild Garlic and Summer Snowflake. If you would like to order bulbs this autumn, please ensure your order reaches us within the next few weeks  if possible. Certain bulbs are often very difficult to obtain late in the season and ensuring your order reaches us in plenty of time will normally guarantee delivery this season. For more information and to order your bulbs online, please click here.

The Wildflower Garden in September

The wildflower garden in September
Hemp agrimony is a wildflower that blooms in late summer and can be included in a garden border or pond edge.

During September the pace of life in the wildflower garden begins to slow down.
With days shortening, many birds frantically feast on the last few insects in an attempt to put on as much weight as possible before the long journeys that they will soon face. Read more

Wildflowers for Shade

Wildflowers for shade
Wildflowers for shade

Generally speaking there are many wildflowers for shade but few that will grow well where conditions are extremely dark . This is evident in woodland glades and clearings, where there is often a much more diverse range of flora than in darker areas of the same wood, shaded by a broad tree canopy.

To encourage the establishment of wildflowers in Read more

How to grow Wild Daffodil from Bulbs

How to grow Wild Daffodil from Bulbs
Wild daffodils

Wild Daffodil bulbs can be introduced into their permanent planting positions in autumn. If the weather prevents planting, then bulbs should be stored in a very dry, cool shady place and well spaced out until things improve. Stored carefully in this way, Wild Daffodil bulbs should keep for a long period but if stored in a damp atmosphere the bulbs will rapidly turn soft. Read more

Growing Cornfield annuals


How to grow cornfield annuals
Cornfield annual seed mix

To grow a  mixture of cornfield annual wildflowers you will need to create an area of bare soil. Unlike areas sown with perennial wildflower mixes, the soil does not need to be particularly poor, in fact cornfield annual seed mixes will often give a better display where there is a reasonable degree of fertility in the soil.  Read more

How to grow wildflowers in grass

how to grow wildflowers in grass

Q: Can Wildflowers be grown in grass ?

A: Yes but the success of this technique is limited and depends on the growing conditions and the type of grassland into which the Wildflower seed is being introduced. Generally fine growing meadow grasses are required that do not grow too rapidly or tall. Read more