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Using Yellow Rattle to control grass growth

Yellow Rattle Plant

Yellow Rattle or Hay Rattle (rhinanthus minor) is partly a parasitic species that draws some of its nutrients though the roots of grasses and is frequently used to increase bio diversity in wild flower meadows. Its parasitic nature suppresses the growth rate of grass, which in turn can make conditions more receptive for the establishment of other wildflower species. Used correctly it can reduce grass growth very successfully and once established can often spread to other areas within the meadow.

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How to choose the right wildflower mix

Before sowing any  wildflower meadow mixture consideration should always be given to the soil type and situation.
Most soils fall into the category of clay, sandy or loam (midway between sand and clay). Other less frequently encountered soils include acid (e.g. peat) and chalk or limestone. Consideration should also be given to the light levels, which if low may mean a woodland mixture is required. Similarly if the soil is unusually moist, a wet soil or pond edge mix may be needed. By selecting a mixture well matched to the site you will achieve the best long-term results. If there is a great deal of uncertainty to the soil type then select a general-purpose mixture.
We can provide mixtures for all of the above situations both with or without the addition meadow grass.