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When to plant snowdrops

When to plant snowdrops
Galanthus nivalis

The best time to plant snowdrops is in the autumn or spring.

In October or November, Snowdrops can be successfully planted as bulbs, and if the weather prevents planting, then bulbs should be stored in a  cool shady place until things improve. Stored carefully in this way,  most snowdrop bulbs should keep for at least a week or more. It is important however that bulbs are not allowed to dry out.

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When to grow Snowdrops
Snowdrops in February

Snowdrops can also be established by planting “in the green” in springtime.  This is when  snowdrops are lifted immediately after flowering, complete with their leaves and decaying flowers. They can then be transplanted into their new flowering positions. This method is normally very successful if carried out in March.

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Some gardeners prefer the “in the green” method which is normally very successful. In our experience, autumn planting can be an equally good time, although problems can occasionally arise if the bulbs are allowed to dry out before planting. With an autumn planting, flowers can be expected the following spring and the cost of bulbs tend to be a little less than ‘in the green’ plants.  The planting process can however be a little more time consuming than “in the green”.

We specialize in the supply of the native snowdrops galanthus nivalis and can supply as  bulbs in October or  ‘in the green’ plants in March. All our Snowdrop bulbs are supplied freshly lifted to give great results.

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