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Growing Cornfield annuals


How to grow cornfield annuals
Cornfield annual seed mix

To grow a  mixture of cornfield annual wildflowers you will need to create an area of bare soil. Unlike areas sown with perennial wildflower mixes, the soil does not need to be particularly poor, in fact cornfield annual seed mixes will often give a better display where there is a reasonable degree of fertility in the soil. 

Annual flower seed mixes are generally very quick and easy to grow and require minimal maintenance however it is important to realise that the site will need to be dug over and reseeded every year to encourage repeat flowering. If the plants are left to set seed for several seasons in succession eventually there should be a large enough seed bank in the soil to avoid the need for annual reseeding. However it will still be essential to dig the area over each autumn to trigger germination. We have several cornfield annual seed mixes to choose from, available with or without meadow grass. Please click here for further information. Cornfield seed mixes  can be sown in spring or autumn at a sowing rate of 2 grams per sq. m.