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2021 Yellow Rattle now available

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Yellow Rattle

We now have stock of fresh Yellow Rattle seeds, harvested in July 2021. Yellow Rattle seeds can be sown anytime between August and December and will help to suppress grass growth next season. This can reduce the amount of cutting that will be needed and create ideal conditions for colonization or introduction of native wildflowers. To order fresh Yellow Rattle seeds please click here.

Learn more about using Yellow Rattle to control grass growth.

Using Yellow Rattle to control grass growth

Yellow Rattle Plant

Yellow Rattle or Hay Rattle (rhinanthus minor) is partly a parasitic species that draws some of its nutrients though the roots of grasses and is frequently used to increase bio diversity in wild flower meadows. Its parasitic nature suppresses the growth rate of grass, which in turn can make conditions more receptive for the establishment of other wildflower species. Used correctly it can reduce grass growth very successfully and once established can often spread to other areas within the meadow.

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