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Wildflower combinations

Wildflower combinations

Wildflower combinations
Corn Poppy and Corncockle

Selecting the right wildflower combinations

When choosing wildflowers that will grow well together it is important to ensure

a) that the flowering time is likely to coincide

b) That they will be well suited to the same habitat.

A lot can be learned from observing nature and if possible trying to mimic  classic combinations that are commonly found in the wild. The photo gallery below is intended to offer a few ideas of wildflowers that look especially beautiful when grown together. Please bear in mind that flowering times can vary slightly from season to season so may not always coincide.

There are of course many, many more wildflower combinations that work equally well, and the best way is to experiment by growing species with similar flowering time and habitats.

The Wildflower Garden in May

The Wildflower Garden in May

wildflower garden in May
Spring wildflowers

As spring moves steadily towards summer, the breeding season is now in full flow for many of our resident birds. By mid month the dawn chorus will reach a peak and a very early morning walk in deciduous woodland provides an unforgettable experience. A visit to old woodland in May can also be a source of inspiration to the Wildflower gardener. In certain woods, vast swathes of Bluebell still exist and can be found flowering this month, along with many other woodland plants such as Violets and Campions.

In the Wildflower garden the theme has so far been yellow. By May however, white takes over, with species such as Cow Parsley, Hedge Garlic, Greater Stitchwort, Wild Garlic and various tree blossoms such as Cherry and Hawthorn decorating woodlands and hedgerows.

Wildflower garden in May
Bird Cherry blossom

Look out too for hedgehogs this month. They are particularly active during May, often seeking out food at night. Left to their own devices, hedgehogs will help keep a check on the local slug population and other garden pests. If you wish to encourage them, then it is best to do so by putting out some tinned pet food and a simple tray of water.

Wildflower Plant Plug update 10.05.2016

Wildflower plant plugs
Wildflower plant plugs

If you have ordered plant plugs from us this spring they should be dispatched over the course of the next few weeks. We have already started dispatching plugs wherever possible , however as a result of recent lower than average temperatures certain species are a couple of weeks behind normal. As a result our next main dispatch of plant plugs is anticipated to be wk beginning 9th  May. Orders for smaller quantities of 10 to 50 plugs will be dispatched initially, with larger orders sent out from around Mid May.

 All orders for plant plugs that were received before 1st May, should be dispatched before 1st June. If for any reason you haven’t received your plugs by then, please feel free to contact us.

Full planting instructions will be supplied with all plant plug orders.