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Grass seed with Wildflowers

grass seed with wildflowers


Grass with wildflowers
Field Scabious in Limestone grassland

When sowing a mixture of grass seed with wildflowers it is vital to select the correct type of grass seeds. Grasses should always consist of fine growing varieties such as bents and fescues. These generally fall into the category of “meadow grasses” and will provide a sward in which native wildflowers can establish and thrive successfully. Read more

The Wildflower garden in March

Wildflower gardening
Wild Daffodils

With spring just round the corner, March is a month of great activity in the garden. An increase in the volume of birdsong is a sure sign that many of our resident birds are already busy defending territories and indeed nest building. Frogs, toads and newts will also be breeding now. Frogspawn will normally appear first, followed by toad spawn with newts normally laying their eggs last. In the Wildflower garden, yellow is the theme, with Wild daffodil, Primrose, Celandines and Bulbous Buttercup all flowering. Read more

Wildflower landscaping

Wildflower landscaping

Wildflower landscaping
Wildflowers in park setting

Wildflower landscaping ideas

Outside of gardens and wild areas there is an increasing use of wildflowers to landscape urban and suburban areas. Wildflowers provide a cost effective alternative to bedding plants and can be used to landscape parks, road verges, roundabouts, golf courses and green roofs. Mixtures often contain a blend of native and non-native species such as Californian Poppy. Read more