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How to grow wildflowers in grass

how to grow wildflowers in grass

Q: Can Wildflowers be grown in grass ?

A: Yes but the success of this technique is limited and depends on the growing conditions and the type of grassland into which the Wildflower seed is being introduced. Generally fine growing meadow grasses are required that do not grow too rapidly or tall. If you wish to establish wildflowers in  grass then consider using wildflower plug plants if at all possible. If wild flower seed is to be used then follow the guidelines below:

Over seeding  grass with wildflower seed :

Initially cut the grass as low as possible, and then remove any cuttings and surface moss. If necessary lightly scarify the soil surface. Over sow grass with wildflower seed at a rate of 1gm per sq. metre ensuring good soil contact. Rake in well and if necessary water with a fine hose. Cut the grass regularly during the first year maintaining at a height of approx. 3 inches and remove any unwanted weeds as soon as they appear. DO NOT USE ANY FERTILIZER DURING THIS PROCESS.

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