By Jim Northcott

The Wildflower Garden in January

wildflower garden
Traveller’s Joy or Old man’s beard

The Wildflower Garden in January

Although traditional gardeners often dread mid winter, a wildflower garden can be a place of fascination at this time of year. By early month it should already be possible to hear great tits singing. Their song, a repetitive and metallic “tea cher” “tea cher” is one of the first signs that spring is approaching. Read more

Wildflower Garden ideas for November


Wildflower garden ideas
Guelder Rose

Wildflower garden ideas

November is the month when everything falls silent in the wildflower garden. The early part of the month is dominated by the wide array of autumn colours that appear in our woodlands and hedgerows. The exact timing and degree of colouration is dependent on weather conditions, with frost, rainfall and autumn gales all playing a part. Read more

Bulk wildflower seeds

bulk wildflower seeds
communal wildflife area sown with our wetland wildflower mix

Buying Wildflower seeds for large areas

If you are wondering where to buy wildflower seeds in bulk, you have reached the right place. Here at wildflowers uk we sell all of our wildflower seeds and wildflower seed mixes by weight, which enables us to offer greater discounts for bulk wildflower seeds and bulk wildflower seed mixes. Read more