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Wildflowers for orchards

Q:  I own an orchard into which I would like to introduce wildflowers. How can this be achieved and which are the best wild flowers for orchards?

A: Each year we receive enquiries from customers hoping to introduce wildflowers into orchards, but not necessarily able to remove the existing grass. The following species are all able to withstand  some competition from grasses and are well suited to full sun or semi-shade.

Red Campion
Field scabious
Meadow cranesbill
Oxeye daisy
Tufted vetch
Musk mallow

It is best to introduce these  as plant plugs if possible, these will have a head-start over seeds and increase the chances of success. Before planting, create a small bare area around the spot where the wildflower plug plant is to be introduced. This will help avoid any initial competition from other plants and grasses.

Alternatively, introduce suitable wildflower bulbs such as:

Wild Daffodil
Star of Bethlehem
Wild tulip
Snakeshead fritillary (on damper soils)

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If you are able to re-seed the orchard, then select a suitable meadow mixture for shady areas.