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How to sow cornfield annuals



Q:  Can I introduce Poppies and other cornfield seeds into an existing Wildflower meadow?

A: Unfortunately most cornfield annuals including Cornflowers and Corn poppies are not able to compete with established grass. To grow a cornfield meadow you will need to create an area of bare soil. As most cornfield seeds are  annuals, the area will need to be dug over and reseeded every year to maintain annual flowering. If the plants are left to set seed for several seasons in succession, then eventually there should be a large enough seed bank in the soil to avoid the need for annual reseeding. However it will still be essential to dig the area over each autumn to trigger germination. Cornfield annual mixes can be blended in various different ways to give stunning combinations of colour and we offer several cornfield seed mixtures to choose from. For further details please click here