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Growing wildflower plug plants

Q: How and when should wild flower plant plugs be planted?

A: Cut any existing grass as short as possible in the areas where the wildflower plugs are to be positioned, then create a small hole where the plug is to be introduced. (You may find a bulb dibber useful for this) An alternative method is to remove a shallow divot of grass and earth using a spade. This is then turned upside down and put back into the hole from which it was removed. The plug is then introduced into the topside. This has the advantage of creating a small bare area around the plant plug free of competition. Introduce the plug into the soil and firm in well. Wild flower Plug plants need to be kept well watered for around 2 weeks following planting. Some species notably primulas are particularly sensitive and a close eye should be kept on them in dry weather. You may find that a few Yellow rattle seeds sown around each wildflower plug will be of long term benefit by reducing competition from grasses.

The best time for introducing wildflower plugs into the soil is from May to September.