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Wildflower landscaping

Wildflower landscaping

Wildflower landscaping
Wildflowers in park setting

Wildflower landscaping ideas

Outside of gardens and wild areas there is an increasing use of wildflowers to landscape urban and suburban areas. Wildflowers provide a cost effective alternative to bedding plants and can be used to landscape parks, road verges, roundabouts, golf courses and green roofs. Mixtures often contain a blend of native and non-native species such as Californian Poppy. The introduction of any non-natives should always be done with care and consideration so as not to affect any wild plant populations. However when used properly their use can have benefits such as a much longer flowering season.

 Annual  wildflower mixtures

Annual wildflowers are quick and  easy to grow and provide the greatest impact in terms of instant colour and a long  flowering season. They grow best on sunny sites, with  free-draining soil and will usually grow well on rich soils. Annual mixtures should always be sown on to carefully prepared bare soil and will normally need to be re-sown in spring or autumn to provide successive flowering in subsequent years.

Perennial wildflower mixtures

Perennial wildflowers provide a more permanent landscaping solution and mixtures can be tailored to different habitats such as shady sites and different soils. These mixtures will take longer to establish and normally only work well on poor, low fertility soils.

Ordering mixtures for wildflower landscaping.

Here at Yellow Flag Wildflowers, we provided tailored solutions for all your wildflower landscaping needs. We offer  a full range of Native wildflower mixtures. These contain only British native species and are best suited for landscaping areas in the wider countryside or wherever wild plant populations exist nearby. They are also regarded as more beneficial for native wildlife.

For towns and cities we have a range of annual and perennial urban mixtures. These generally provide an extended flowering season and are available to order through our website   wildflowersuk.com

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