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Welcome to wildflowers UK , the website of Yellow Flag Wildflowers. We are based in Gloucestershire and have specialised exclusively in the supply of native British Wildflower mixes, meadow seeds, plant plugs and bulbs since 1994 originally supplying our products by mail order catalogue. Our customers include, local authorities, schools, landscapers, wildlife trusts and gardeners based in the UK. All our seed is sourced in the United Kingdom and unless otherwise stated is of Native UK provenance. Our products are suitable for habitat restoration and throughout the year it is possible to purchase wildflowers for almost every situation, from small garden "mini-meadows" to large-scale habitat creation projects.


Latest news: 

27th May 2015           Click here to discover how to grow wild flowers for butterflies   

25th March 2015        Click here to learn how to create a beautiful Summer flowering meadow this year.

11th March 2015        
Click here to discover when and how to cut your wildflower meadow.

Latest videos:

4th May 2015,                      9 videos added including:

Cuckooflower at sunset      A Gloucestershire water meadow full of cuckooflower at dusk

Teasel seedheads               From the same meadow as the cuckooflower, a short clip of some teasel seedheads against setting sun

10th April 2015

Spring Violets
                            View a short clip of April flowering Common Dog Violets.

Wild daffodils                             More Wild daffodils flowering in spring sunshine

Snakes head fritillaries
            Find out the best place to  grow Snakeshead fritillaries

Gloucestershire cowslips        View our short movie of some Gloucestershire cowslips

Growing Wood Anemones 
     More spring flowers with some tips on where to plant wood anemones.

Wild Tulips in full bloom
          Under rated as a garden plant, Wild Tulips can add a bright and spectacular display to gardens in springtime.

21st March 2015       

Bluebell drifts
                         Watch our Bluebell video filmed in the Forest of Dean and discover how to create Bluebell drifts yourself.

Primroses in March                See our short video of wild primroses flowering in spring.

Yellow Rattle seedlings 
        View this short instructional video that will help you to identify and manage meadows containing Yellow Rattle

24th February 2015

                          View this beautiful winter plant
in full flower.

Using our site:
Our site has been designed for ease of use on modern tablets and is also desktop  friendly. Our site
uses PayPoint.net`s fully secure complete online payment service offering our customers maximum  levels of security. To navigate the various categories we recommend using the green menu bar at the top of the screen and then tap/click the mauve links or wildflower images. Alternatively you can use the product search box just below the top menu or the site map page. Discover more below on how to order through our site and where to find help and advice.

Our products fall into the following 3 groups, Mixtures, Wildflower Seeds, Wildflower Plugs and Bulbs. These are displayed on the green menu bar at the top of all screens. Within these groups are a total of 14 different categories as summarized below. To begin browsing click or tap  one of the mauve links below and then use the green menu bar above, to browse other categories.


WILDFLOWER AND MEADOW GRASS MIXTURES (traditional mixtures of meadow grass and perennial Wild flowers for different situations and soil types such as clay, loam or fertile soils, wetlands, woodlands and hedgerows)

  (an ever-popular range of easy to grow Cornfield annuals can be sown alone or added to perennial wild flower mixes as a nurse crop for optional flowering and reduced maintenance in the first season).

100% WILDFLOWER MIXTURES (mixtures of 100% Native wildflower seeds for traditional meadows)

URBAN MIXTURES (For 2015, we have a range of new mixes for creating urban meadows; these contain non-natives such as California poppy for longer flowering).

(mixtures of 100% meadow grass, containing native species).

Wildflower Seeds

INDIVIDUAL WILDFLOWER SEEDS (choose from our range of over 150 Native wildflower species such as Yellow Rattle, Oxeye daisy, Scabious, Knapweeds, Cornflower and Corn Poppy)

WILDFLOWER SEED SELECTIONS (in total 19 selections for all situations and wildlife including wildflowers for bees, birds and butterflies)

WILDFLOWER GARDENING KITS   (5 different sized packs, each containing enough seed to form a complete Wildlife garden. Simply mark out the different habitats and sow the seed ideally in spring or autumn).

INDIVIDUAL MEADOW GRASSES (A range of over 20 native meadow grasses such as Quaking grass, and Cocksfoot)

Wildflower Plugs and Bulbs

INDIVIDUAL WILDFLOWER PLANT PLUGS (A range of 18 popular native wildflower plant plug species such as Primrose, Cowslip and Meadow Cranesbill, chosen to suit a wide range of habitats. Available for dispatch from May to September).

PLANT PLUG SELECTIONS (6 mixed selections of wildflower plugs for different situations and wildlife. Available for dispatch from May to September).

INDIVIDUAL WILDFLOWER BULBS (A range of 10 individual wildflower bulbs such as English Bluebells, Wild Daffodils etc chosen to suit a wide range of habitats, and available for dispatch in October and November)

for woodland glades and spring meadows, available for dispatch in October and November.

“IN THE GREEN” SNOWDROPS   (Freshly lifted "in the green" Snowdrops available in multiples of 100 for dispatch in early to Mid-March).

Help and advice:

To discover new ways of creating beautiful wildflower meadows and find information relating to the use of our products, we recommend the following:

1. General information such as sowing rates and mixture contents can normally be found on the product details page. Look for the mauve "view details" buttons.
2. Download our catalogue or Wildflower manual as a pdf from the green bar at the bottom of the screen. Both documents contain information relating to the sowing and aftercare of wildflower seeds together with details on the use of wildflower plugs and bulbs.
3.Use the search bar to find mixes and wildflowers suitable for specific habitats. Type in search terms such as  "woodland", "orchards" or "ponds for example. The search box can also be used to find wildflowers of a particular colour or to search on a product order code if required.
4. Visit our YouTube channel where you will find various instructional videos such as
how to manage a wildflower meadow containing Yellow Rattle seeds. We will be adding more videos in future.
5. Visit our latest news page where we regularly add wildflower related articles, such as how to create a wildflower meadow.
6. Feel free to call us on 01452 311525 or email us.  We will be happy to help.
Throughout our site you will find discounted prices based on quantities ordered. We are non-vat registered, so the price you see for products, is the price you pay. A small charge to cover post and packing (based on order value) will be clearly displayed in the shopping cart before you submit your order and there is no minimum order value. Click here for delivery information. Our site uses PayPoint.net`s fully secure complete online payment service and there are additional options for payment by PayPal, Cheque, or Direct transfer. We operate with 3D secure and are fully pci compliant offering you the maximum levels of security. Click here for more ordering information. All orders are dispatched with full planting/sowing guidelines. We are here to help, so if you have a query, please feel free to email or call us on 01452 311525.


Wildflower garden ideas:
If you are looking for somewhere to buy wildflowers online, then our site is a great place to start. We are a leading supplier of wildflower seeds
uk based, and have over 20 years of experience. On our site, you will not only find a wide range of wild meadow seeds but also can buy wildflower plants and purchase wildflower bulbs. Our wildflower plugs are grown by ourselves here in Gloucester using Native British wildflower seed.

Wildflower meadow seeds come in many different varieties and with over 150 individual native wildflower species on offer, we can provide wildflowers for butterflies, wildflowers for bees, and even wildflowers for weddings. Our aim is to always  supply the best product for our customers requirements.

Wildflower meadow seeds provide an easy solution for sowing medium to large areas and can be considerably more cost effective than other methods such as using wildflower turf.

Our range of wild flower meadow seed mixes have been carefully put together to provide solutions for different habitats and soil types, e.g. it is possible to purchase a meadow mixture for shade or a meadow mixture for clay soils. Where appropriate the majority of our wild flower mixes contain yellow rattle seeds, an important species used to control grass growth and our cornfield annual seed mixes include popular wild flower seeds such as poppies and cornflowers. In addition to our traditional meadow mix seeds we also have a range of urban wildflower meadow mixtures designed to provide valuable habitats for urban wildlife. All meadow flower seeds in our traditional mixtures are of native British provenance. i.e. sourced either directly or indirectly from wildflower seed suppliers here in the UK. If used correctly our wildflower and meadow grass seed can be used to create high quality meadow turf

We also offer a broad range of seed selections and wildflower gardening kits for smaller areas, which give customers the opportunity to create a wildlife garden or perhaps just create a wildflower lawn or mini meadow.  For similar small-scale projects, the use of our wildflower plant plugs provide an affordable solution with quick results.

In the past we have also supplied customers with wildflowers for green roofs, motorway embankments, nature reserves, wildflower memorials, communal areas, beekeeping, flood management areas, even wildflower weddings and so on. Wildflowers are at the heart of our environment and their presence is an indicator of the health of our climate and countryside. The possibilities are endless and we can all help just by planting a few wildflowers. We hope very much that you enjoy exploring the various wildflowers for sale on our site.

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