Wildflower meadow seed mixes and their use in field margins.

Q: How can I establish a Wild flower meadow seed mix in an arable field grass margin ?

A: On arable farmland, wildflower meadow seed is best established alongside hedges, ditches and water courses. The aim is to create a conservation headland several metres wide that will contain a mixture of Native British Wild flowers and Native Meadow grasses that will require minimal maintenance.

Once established the resulting Wildflower and Grass strip will act as a buffer reducing run-off containing pesticide and fertilizer from adjacent fields. The wild flower seeds in these mixtures need to be of vigorous growers so as to compete with the grasses and cope with only occasional cutting. The coarse tussocky structure that develops will provide a habitat for bees, other insects, small mammals and farmland birds, which, in turn, will encourage birds of prey. For this purpose we offer a meadow seed mix specifically for fertile soils. Please (Click here) for more details.