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Oxeye Daisy seeds

Oxeye Daisy seeds

Oxeye Daisy- Leucanthemum vulgare

sometimes known as the Moon daisy this is a familiar wildflower of meadows and roadsides. It is an excellent general-purpose meadow plant, being well suited to all wide variety of soils and look best growing in full sun, but can also be grown in dappled shade. When sown as part of a meadow mixture, Ox-eye daisies are often one of the first flowers to appear, in the first or second year. Initially it is not uncommon for them to dominate a meadow as other more slow growing plants begin to establish. Oxeye daisy plants have large showy white flowers with a central yellow disc. The blooms appear from May to September, and blend particularly well with other meadow plants. In the wildflower garden Ox-eye daisies can be planted in grass or flower borders and are particularly well suited to cottage gardens. Oxeye Daisy plants look best grown alongside other summer flowering wildflowers such as Musk Mallow, Meadow cranesbill, Knapweed, Scabious, and Birdsfoot trefoil.

How to grow Oxeye Daisy from seed:

Sow Oxeye Daisy seeds in spring or autumn either outside where it is to flower, or in seed trays and cover lightly with compost. It is usually easy to germinate and the seedlings, which are quick to develop, can be pricked out and grown on, for planting out later in the year.

RHS Perfect for Pollinators.
The RHS Perfect for Pollinators mark is only given to plants that support pollinating insects in gardens. Bees, butterflies, moths, hoverflies and many others visit flowers to feed on
nectar and pollen; while doing so they transfer pollen and increase seed set and fruit development. Find out more at:rhs.org.uk/plants


To buy Oxeye Daisy seeds

Please click here to purchase Oxeye Daisy seeds. To ensure the best chance of success, we sell all of our wildflower seeds by weight, which ensures each wildflower seed packet contains a good quantity of seeds. The recommended sowing rate is 1 gram per square metre, and the number of Oxeye Daisy seeds per gram is approx. 3000. All of our Wildflower seed packets contain seeds of Native British provenance.