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Grass seed with Wildflowers

grass seed with wildflowers


Grass with wildflowers
Field Scabious in Limestone grassland

When sowing a mixture of grass seed with wildflowers it is vital to select the correct type of grass seeds. Grasses should always consist of fine growing varieties such as bents and fescues. These generally fall into the category of “meadow grasses” and will provide a sward in which native wildflowers can establish and thrive successfully. When buying grass seed with wildflowers  avoid using any grasses that fall into the category of “amenity” which would typically be used for sowing recreational areas where a tough sward is required. Ordinary lawn seed is also far from ideal, as it will contain hard wearing species such as rye. These can be vigorous growers and will eventually out-compete the more delicate wildflower species. Our advice is to always obtain a wildflower grass seed mix from a specialist supplier and try to ensure the mixture is well matched to the soil type and site. At Yellow Flag Wildflowers we offer a wide range of wildflower grass seed mix for most situations through our website wildflowersuk.com

The photographs below show a few examples of different wildflower grasslands that can be recreated with our mixtures and seeds given the right conditions.

Advantages of using meadow grass seed with wildflowers

The inclusion of meadow grass seed with wildflowers will offer several advantages. Once established the meadow grass will act as an effective weed barrier thus reducing the amount of maintenance necessary. Meadow grass will also enable the meadow to be kept looking neat and tidy outside of the flowering period. As well as looking very attractive, many native meadow grasses are nectar rich and attractive to bees and butterflies such as meadow browns. In fact good quality grassland can hold a wealth of wildlife.

Useful species for grass seed with wildflowers

CRESTED DOGSTAIL    Cynosurus cristatus
CRESTED HAIRGRASS    Koeleria macrantha
HIGHLAND BENT    Agrostis castellana
MEADOW BARLEY    Hordeum secalinum
QUAKING GRASS    Briza media
RED FESCUE    Festuca rubra
SHEEPS FESCUE    Festuca ovina
SMALL TIMOTHY    Phleum pratense
SWEET VERNAL GRASS     Anthoxanthum odoratum


Below is a short video showing some beautiful wild meadow grasses filmed in the famous Slad valley in Gloucestershire.

Sowing rates for grass seed with wildflowers

We recommend a sowing rate of approximately 3-4 grams per sq. metre (10-16 Kilograms per acre) when sowing grass seed with wildflowers. The low sowing rate will create an open sward during the first few months after germination. This is essential to give the wildflower seedlings sufficient space in which to establish.


Purchasing grass seed with wildflowers

We have a wide range of wildflower grass seed mixes to purchase on our website.

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