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SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)

SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)
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SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)
SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)
SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)
SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)

SAWORT seeds (serratula tinctoria)

  Our ref: ST154_1
  • type - perennial
  • colour - Purple
  • height - 75 to 100cms
  • Sowing rate 1 gm sq m.
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PLEASE NOTE: In the case of Sawort we are unable to offer pure clean seeds. In order to offer seeds of this species at affordable prices, we instead offer packets containing a mixture of seed-heads and seeds. These are grown and collected ourselves annually in very limited quantities.

Sawort -serratula tinctoria – has a preference for damp sites but nevertheless will grow well in a variety of soil types in sun or dappled shade. Plants are similar in appearance to Knapweeds but with smaller flowers and have toothed edges to their leaves resembling a saw blade. In gardens, Sawort can be grown in a summer flowering meadow or hedgerow. Plants typically grow to about 2 foot high and flower between June and August. Saw-wort looks best with other wild flowers that bloom in mid-summer such as Meadow sweet, Meadow vetchling, Great Burnet, Meadow Cranesbills and Dyer’s Greenweed.

How to grow Sawort Seeds
Sawort seeds should be sown in spring or autumn, either outside, where they are to flower, or in seed trays and covered lightly with compost. Saw-wort seeds are usually easy to germinate and the seedlings, which are quick to develop, can be pricked out and grown on, for planting out later in the year.

To buy Sawort seeds
To purchase Sawort seeds, please select a quantity above and click add to cart. In the case of Sawort, packets contain a mix of seeds and seed heads. Please refer to the note above for further details. All of our Wildflower seed packets contain seeds of Native British provenance.

type - perennial,
colour - Purple,
height - 75 to 100cms,
flowering months - June, July, August,
habitat - Moist Grassland (Clay, Loams),
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st154_1 type perennial colour purple height 75 to 100cms flowers june july august habitat moist grassland clay loams
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