How to grow Wild Daffodil from Bulbs

Wild daffodils

Wild Daffodil bulbs can be introduced into their permanent planting positions in autumn. If the weather prevents planting, then bulbs should be stored in a very dry, cool shady place and well spaced out until things improve. Stored carefully in this way, Wild Daffodil bulbs should keep for a long period but if stored in a damp atmosphere the bulbs will rapidly turn soft. A hole approximately 3 times the length of the bulb is required when planting. If the soil is especially heavy then the addition of a little sand can help. Wild Daffodil bulbs will establish more readily if a moist soil can be found in  sun or shade. Bulbs will often require a season to settle into their new positions and it is quite normal for bulbs to come up “blind” in the first season with flowers appearing in the second spring. Bulbs will then multiply rapidly and can be divided in later years. We are able to supply a wide  range of Wildflower bulbs in October and November including Wild daffodil bulbs. For further details and ordering information please click here.